Radon Gas


Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that is formed by the radioactive decay of elements that occur naturally in rocks and soils.  Radon is the single biggest source of radiation exposure to the UK population in both homes and workplaces.



Through the Health and Safety at Work Act and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations employers have a duty to assess health and safety risks in the workplace and this includes radon.  Where the radon concentration in a workplace exceeds the relevant reference level the employer is required to take certain actions including those to restrict exposures.

Radon affected area maps provide information on whether the risk from radon is likely to be higher and that measurement is required to above ground levels.  The maps are produced and published by UK Radon

(https://www.ukradon.org/radonmaps/). For all occupied workplaces below ground, which includes basement areas of buildings, and mines and caves, the risk assessment should include radon measurements irrespective of the radon Affected Area status (HSE, 2018).

First Environment supports clients in measuring and assessing the risk to health from radon gas in the workplace.

Radon measurement in workplaces forms part of the risk assessment process and informs decisions about whether radon exposures should be controlled through remediation or other means.

Our service includes:

  • obtaining and reviewing the British Geological Survey Radon information for the location
  • identifying the relevant number of monitoring points and locations required for the premises use and floor area
  • Placing monitoring units in position. The units remain in position for three month and are submitted for analysis on completion
  • Review of the results for comparison with the target and reference levels
  • Provision of a written report with the findings and any relevant recommendations

For more information contact our Occupational Hygiene Team on 01543 728202.

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