Occupational Hygiene

Technical expertise to assist with the recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological agents in the workplace.

We provide the expertise to support clients to objectively identify and understand these agents and safeguard well-being in the workplace.

Our occupational hygiene services include:

COSHH assessment and monitoring
Exposure surveys for dust, fume, oil mists and vapours
Exposure surveys for biological agents and endotoxin
Noise surveys and assessment
Hand arm vibration and whole body vibration measurement
Lighting surveys
Electromagnetic field assessments (EMF)
Local exhaust ventilation, thorough examination and test (LEV)

Why use First Environment

Our consultant team hold varying grades of membership with BOHS and IOSH and First Environment is listed in the BOHS Directory of Occupational Hygiene Services.

BOHS compile this as their definitive list of companies able to provide qualified and experienced occupational hygienists and specialist occupational support services (source: BOHS). Check our listing (link to http://www.bohs.org/consultant/first-environment-limited/)

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