Investigation Surveys

In instances where there is a more specific issue to investigate, such as persistent or intermittent odours, specific occupant complaint, allergy or fluctuation in conditions a tailored survey can be designed to investigate further.


Data recording of key parameters such as for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide

Evaluation of temperature gradients above and below desk

Air movement survey and evaluation of draughts


Site survey to evaluate conditions and identify potential root cause.

Sampling for analysis to identify volatile airborne compounds by active or passive means

Sampling for analysis by odour panel.


Sampling for allergens

Microbiological examination and identification of bacterial and fungal species present to the air and air supply system surfaces

Analysis of dusts and deposits for composition to assist in source identification.


Our consultant team has many years’ experience in investigating and resolving indoor air quality related issues. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and determine the best approach for your needs.

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